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Employee Pension Schemes


For your business

As a major provider of advice on workplace pension strategy and implementation, Pareto Financial Planning is able to deal with the whole market when considering pension providers and reviewing any existing plans.  With regulations being enforced more vigorously than ever by The Pension Regulator, we ensure any pension scheme is compliant through our process of ongoing review and governance. Our approach to pension schemes is to undertake full scheme governance, employer support over the scheme year and employee communications.

  • Understand your objectives, budgets, what will work for your business and employees and review what you currently have in place for compliance and cost efficiency.
  • Advise on the right strategy and select from the whole of the market based on our research.
  • Ensuring benefits and put in place correctly.
  • Ensure people understand and value what you offer using any suitable methods (written/ on line/ group/individual face to face).
  • Ongoing support and governance to ensure they remain suitable and cost effective.
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