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Group Income Protection


Being taken care of as a result of illness or injury

Employees are much more likely to suffer an illness whilst at work than die. Group Income Protection provides an income to an employee when they are unable to work as a result of an illness or injury.

This is a powerful employee benefit and positions you as a company that cares. Employees will feel reassured that they will receive an income even when ill and you benefit from the goodwill that this produces. In addition to financial support, it can help an organisation manage long-term sickness absence, as the provider may offer rehabilitation services, such as counselling or physiotherapy.

Group Income Protection can be used by employers to:

  • Help manage sickness and the associated costs.
  • Offer rehabilitation support which can help employees get back to health and back to work – reducing the length of sickness absence and the impact on an organisation.
  • Provide continued income for sick and incapacitated employees, helping to relieve money worries at a difficult time.
  • Boost morale and help attract and retain the right calibre of staff – factors essential to business growth.
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