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Manchester based legal practice with over 170 solicitors, lawyers and support staff. Providing legal services and advice for private clients and businesses ranging from SMEs to international companies on all areas of law. No internal financial service proposition. No visual offering of financial services. Many of their clients need financial advice post and during the legal service e.g. divorce, personal injury claim.


A Financial adviser was allocated to head up the relationship by Pareto after interviews with partners of the firm. Employed and managed by Pareto. Mutual presentations by Pareto and the solicitors staff on what services each company does and what clients they can help. The Adviser has regular meetings with partners at their offices to ensure visibility of relationship. Pareto director has regular meeting to ensure feedback is followed up on both sides.


Clients have been referred from all departments to Pareto on various matters. Showing our strength of expertise in all areas of financial services, and a ‘one stop shop’ for referrals. Pareto has referred clients to the solicitors and has received positive feedback thus enhancing our client relationship. Within 2 years of the relationship the legal practice have billed referred clients over 100k in chargeable work. Pareto has received new clients in respect of investment advice, employee benefits, IHT protection and shareholder protection of similar amount.

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