Succession Planning: creating your company exit strategy

You’ve worked hard to build your company, so it’s natural to want to take a step back and reap the rewards. Whatever that looks like in your head, we’re here to help you make it a reality.

Our experienced financial advisors are on hand to help. We know that it’s not just a business transaction, it’s personal. And as ever, when there are people and their livelihoods involved, it is sensitive, and needs to be planned carefully.

A viable succession planning process may not only be critical to the continuity of your business but also contributes to mitigating the risks of organisational change.

When you engage in succession planning, you’re not just focusing on the future. because it’s impossible to do without a deep understanding of the present. Leaders must know the current reality of their businesses: how they operate, where the value lies, what their needs are, who their most vital customers are and why — in order to prepare for new leadership and new structures that can provide continuity in the ways that matter.

One of our expert succession planning advisers can help you plan and consider:

  • What is your exit/succession plan?
  • What time frames are you looking at?
  • What is the value today?
  • What value are you looking for?
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Your adviser will work with you to understand your current situation and appetite for risk. All of the advice given will be tailored to you, your circumstances and your objectives.

You will be supported throughout your financial planning journey from setting long-term financial goals and working towards targeted growth, right through to retirement and taking income.

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What our clients say

The best compliment I can give to Stuart is that I trust him implicitly to advise me on how best to manage my finances to secure the best possible future for me and my family. I love my family more than words can describe and the trust I place in Stuart is thus no small thing. Great guy.

Chris SuttonJMW

Pareto continue to deliver excellent service - We have always been very pleased with the service we have received from Pareto & particularly since Dafydd Parry has been our Advisor. His advice & service has been excellent.

Mr Fleming

PFP took the time to understand my requirements before providing excellent professional advice.

Via Trustpilot

A thoroughly professional and friendly team, providing a personal service that gets results.

Mr West

Astute sound advice, explanation when the language is confusing and excellent customer care. All comes at a price at Pareto but is so worth it. Thank you Alex you are the top.

Caroline Ryder

Stuart & the team at Pareto were extremely knowledgeable and helpful in answering the questions that I had with no pressure. Everything I have asked them to implement has been done professionally, efficiently and quickly. 5 star service. I would highly recommend Pareto for any financial advice you need.

Clive bell